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How do I schedule an appointment with you?

I always recommend to book online; this allows you to be able to look at your schedule and compare it with my availability, if you have any questions regarding the scheduling process, please contact me at the number on the contact link.

How do I know what type of color service to schedule for?

Each of my services has a description about what each service includes, feel free to leave me a message or a text if you should have any questions.

Should I wash my hair before I arrive for a color service?

I recommend shampooing between 24 for 48 hours before your color appointment. this allows your hair to be clean but also allows your natural oils to be a protectant from any type of irritation.

How can I make my color last longer ?

Here are a few guidelines to maintaining the brightest blonde to the richness of browns your color will thank you, rinse your hair with cool water, use professional product, use a purple shampoo when your blondes turn dull or brassy, and try washing your hair every other day instead of everyday this will prolong your color.

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